Gotta Love A Big Window

Love this photo of my niece. She’s so sweet and I just want to kiss that face. Seated in a restaurant on an overcast day, soft light poured in the large window to the right. As she conversed with her mom and dad, I shot at a wide F/3.5 aperture setting with the vibration compensation turned on to accommodate the slow 1/25th sec shutter speed. Only when her face was turned slightly towards the window did I get that twinkle in her eyes. Tip: Look for north facing window and position your subject’s cheek toward the window. You’ll get nice side lighting that gives dimension to the face and highlights in the eyes.

2 thoughts on “Gotta Love A Big Window

  1. Hi Stacie, I really like the idea of your blog. I am looking forward to more posts. I can’t wait to try out this tip. I did this by accident not so long ago. Now I know why those pictures came out pretty good! Who knew?!

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