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Easy photo how-to from a photography novice with lots of insider resources and a sweet DSLR camera. My blog presents photo tips to help people take better everyday photos and special shots of life’s big and small events. Topics include lighting, flash, open shade, lens selection, camera settings, shutter speed, ISO and much more.

This is my second stab at blogging. This time I feel like I have a vision. Rather than post diary entries of my life, which really may not be that exciting to anyone but me, I want to help you take better photos. I’m in the industry. It’s part of my job, or should I say it’s about job security, to help people that like to take pictures…take better pictures…so that they buy more equipment…to take more pictures. But really, I love photography. I have great equipment, including my new beautiful DSLR my husband gave me for Christmas (xo). And I love school. I still get nostalgic every fall. I played school a lot as a child and maybe should have gone into teaching instead of marketing. I’m a huge scrapbooker. And a novice photographer that has attended and produced hundreds of workshops and has experienced the industry’s transition from film to digital first-hand. My photography centers on memory-making and my eye is drawn to images that make a statement, tell a story. I chase scrapbook-worthy images at every turn. I drive my family crazy while on vacation. I am thankful for a 128GB card to hold all my shots from on any trip or workshop. Yes, I can shoot non-stop, fast, and from the hundreds to choose from, I might be happy with three or four. But when I slow down and think about the images shot by some of my favorite photographers, try to emulate their style and technique, think about the basics, I can make a pretty good image. I know lots of rules, tips, and more. I want to share them with you. Because I know you are looking for ways to take better photos. So I hope you will find my postings useful. Come chase picture perfection with me.

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