Grab Your Camera and a Towel and Head to the Beach for Fun Photos


It’s finally summer! And if your family’s like mine, beach figures heavily into the weekend. If you have young children that love to explore the beach, then get down on the sand with them. Make sure to bring a towel so that you can easily sit or even lay down close by in order to capture their explorations (and to keep sand on your hands to a minimum). Getting close and using a wide angle setting on your lens lets you show some more background to give a point of reference (see photos below). On bright sunny days, trying popping up your flash for some fill to eliminate harsh shadows from midday sun, and to add some light to your child’s face often hidden by cute sun hats. But don’t let cloudy days like we had here stop you form heading to the beach with your camera. The over cast sky is actually perfect for picture-taking. One note of caution: Salt water is an enemy of you camera. If the conditions are very “moist” on a hot hazy beach day, salt residue and water can collect on your camera and lens pretty quickly. Try putting your camera in a zip lock bag with a hole cut out for the front of the lens to stick out and be sure to use a UV filter. Clean the lens as soon as you can with lens cleaning fluid and a micro fiber cloth taking extra care to inspect for and remove any sand that may be on your lens before rubbing the lens. Then wash the cloth before using again after the beach. Store the camera back in your camera bag right after use to keep it out of the sun and elements. There are also special bags made for your camera to prevent any damage. Google rain coats for cameras.



5 thoughts on “Grab Your Camera and a Towel and Head to the Beach for Fun Photos

  1. I enjoy going to the beach as well and I love taking photos of different scenes and structures. I have a point and shot camera because it’s user friendly. You don’t need to adjust any setting. By the way, it’s good to capture every moment when you have digital cameras.

  2. I love your photos. You got a cute kid in there. Beach is like a tranquility to me. It gives me a refreshing feeling which is free from stress and problems. I always make sure to take photos of myself whenever I go to a beach. It’s a very great feeling to reminisce good memories.

  3. I’ve always considered myself as a novice photographer because I always take my camera with me and capture every possible worthy moment. But my favorite subject has always been kids too.

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