Eggs-tra Fun Weekend for Photos


Like millions across the country, we dyed eggs this past weekend. And took pictures of the whole process. I have about 5 years worth of egg-dying photos now. (I see a big scrapbook collage with lots of 2×2 photos in my future). And each year I try to capture the one with the egg in focus and her face in the background smiling as she shows off her masterpieces one by one. Well, I got the egg in focus, and she’s nicely out of focus in the background. But no smile this year! I set my camera to “A” (aperture priority) and dialed in the widest aperture opening I could (f/5.7 at 97mm) so that the in front of and behind my subject (the egg) would be out of focus. I had my ISO turned all the way up to 3200 so that I would not have to use a flash. I like the result. And the egg went on to be further decorated and then promptly turned into a deviled egg!

3 thoughts on “Eggs-tra Fun Weekend for Photos

  1. What a wonderful way to capture the momment! I love how natural her expression is on this picture and I can almost feel how proud she is of that egg. : )

    Thanks for following my site. I look forward to reading more photo tips on your site.


  2. I love this!!! I am thankful for your blog because you are giving me so many ideas and easy to follow instructions! I know exactly how I am going to apply this tomorrow. Thank you!

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