Overcast Days Make Great Photos


The lighting on an overcast day, even at midday, is ideal for natural and easy candid portraits. My daughter played in the snow, got her cheeks all rosy, and then stopped for a minute for me to grab a couple of shots. I stood back and zoomed in to 120mm to blur out the background and I had no worries about the “raccoon eyes” you might get midday on sunny days since the snow acted as a natural reflector and bounced light back into her beautiful face.

One thought on “Overcast Days Make Great Photos

  1. hi stacie,
    thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet message! ok, so now i am following you here, on twitter and i’m going to pick up your button and put it on my secondary page, which has the button roll call. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your page! and i LOVE your pictures, i love taking pictures and am so sorry that film seems to be going out of style, i need to get a digital camera and see i think you are using a nikon is it digital? do you like it? i have a always used cannons, but i know nikon’s are good.. is it easy to use? questions quetions.. lol, also i am so jealous of your travels i understand it might not be the “same” w/o your family… but wow! and ps i love this photo!! i look forward to following!

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